street furniture

street furniture
(STREET fur.nuh.chur)
Street features such as lampposts, traffic lights, benches, bus shelters, garbage cans, and public toilets.
Example Citation:
While the value of some billboards is expected to grow, the industry expects future revenue growth to come from what's called street furniture — kiosks, trash cans, transit stops and other civic necessities upon which outdoor companies can plaster advertising.
— Greg Johnson, "New Moves Into Great Outdoors," Los Angeles Times, June 4, 1999
Earliest Citation:
The silver-lining school of philosophy could no doubt find handy home uses for those big yellow boots the D.C. police lock onto illegally parked cars. They are, after all, a colorful addition to a block's street furniture, and can keep thieves from stealing your car. If you believe that, and want one of those boots for your very own, you can buy one at Phillips Police Equipment Company for $169.50 to $250.
— "Getting the Boot Your Way," The Washington Post, June 19, 1977
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Street furniture can cover such a wide range of objects and equipment. Essentially anything that is found by the side of a street and is fixed to the ground is an item of street furniture.
There are some really fantastic examples of street furniture around the world. Would be great to be able to include imagery to these word listings on this site :)

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